Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Julie Burchill speaks out for Israel

There is a wondefully pro-Israel article written by Julie Burchill in today's edition of The Times Online which is well worth a read.

Although usually I would give a few excerpts, it is all so excellent that it's difficult to know where to start. Here's a taster:

"In having one human rights rule for democratic Israel — which can be summed up
as “Be perfect or we’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks” — and another for
the dictatorships which surround it — “Do what you like to your people, it’s
your culture!” — Whitey displays an interestingly sly bit of anti-Semitism which
is also rather insulting to the said dictatorships and the people they lord it
over. The Jews are seen to be the one ethnic group who “pass” as white; their
insistence on making their state a democracy is also seen as a sign of their
stubborn refusal to act the savage to Whitey’s civilising influence. In short,
the Lord forbid that any ethnic group should ignore the all-important world
dominance hierarchy and dare to turn from victim into victor — and that is
Israel’s ultimate crime."

Now go read the whole thing and write to show support on the email link at the end of the last page!



G Green said...

I just found your blog.
I read the hard copy yesterday!
Julie B. originally worked for The Guardian, and when she published her story of her visit ( I read it a few weeks back online), she mysteriously lost her job. She now works / writes for The Times instead.

Venichka said...

Your account of events there is only partially correct.

Julie the Great has worked for the Times for several months, at least (maybe even for as much as a year), and left the Guardian of her own will - her final two editorials in their weekend magazine were fine parting shots, which I'm sure you would appreciate (and the text of which is surely somewhere on the Grauniad's website) , on the topic of British/Western/liberal-left hypocracy towards Israel.

Whatever the Guardian's faults, they didn't sack her. And, as she says, the Times pay her much more....