Sunday, December 19, 2004

Blogging in the NY Times

My wife pointed me in the direction of a really interesting article on blogging that appears in the NY Times today. It deals with the issue of confidentiality and the differences that exist between blogging and more traditional media.

According to the article, a survey showed that over one third of bloggers had got into some sort of trouble due to posts that they had made. Looking around at some of my regular reads, I can easily understand why that might be so particularly for those who blog under the cloak of anonymity - all that it takes is for the wrong person to be reading or a slip of the tongue and an entire laundromat will find itself being aired in public.

I find that by writing semi anonymously I feel a certain freedom which I wouldn't otherwise enjoy. Nonetheless I take care not to name names so as to avoid hurting anyone - this is made possible by the very nature of the material that I write - each person must put down what they feel comfortable with - I am intrinsically non-confrontational and therefore keep things light - hope you keep coming back for light entertainment.


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Esther Kustanowitz said...

And here I thought that Gil Ben Mori was your real name. I'm so gullible.