Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Where are you reading from?

Ever since I have started this blog I have wondered where exactly people were sitting as they read me. Thanks to a tip from David (who picked it up from Jack's Shack), I downloaded a clever little map thing which shows where you are reading me from according to your IP address. You can spot it if you scroll down, on the right side of the page below the links.

Based on today's traffic, the majority of readers are where I'd expect them to be - Israel, North America, and the UK and I'm pretty sure that one of the dots I have in Australia is my brother who is currently touring. More interesting however are the readers in Spain, India, South East Asia, Norway and Northern Ireland.

If you're reading this, I'd be really interested to know where you are and how you got here - drop me a comment or an email (address in my profile). I look forward to hearing from you...



José Cohen said...

The little map is a good idea!

I'm from Madrid, Spain and I maintain a blog, Desde Sefarad.

Your blog is in my RSS-reader because I see it in a link in Israellycool. It's fantastic and the posts are very friendly and nice! :-)


Anshel's Wife said...

I'm in the Upper Midwest of the US. I see you are linked on a few of the blogs I read. I added you to my favorites.