Monday, January 03, 2005

A portent of things to come

Clashes between security forces and settlers were reported today in what seems to be a warning for the ugly days that lie ahead of us. According to the Jerusalem Post stones were thrown at troops and police who removed the illegal Givat Shalhevet outpost, a satellite of Yitzhar near Shchem. The same outpost disconnected water supplies to the nearby army outpost a couple of weeks ago; an outpost which is there to protect them. Amongst the arrested settlers was a soldier from Yitzhar on leave who joined protestors whilst wearing his army uniform, according to a report in Haaretz.

The UK based Daily Telegraph highlights the fact that young "hilltop youth" are congregating in Gaza in preparation for "potentially bloody resistance to the disengagement.

It seems we are entering a post-Zionist age, with the message of the extreme right being that the land is far more important than the State of Israel. The potential consequences of these actions don't bear thinking about. Quite simply we are heading for a confrontation which could potentially tear the nation apart. The leaders of the right need to exhibit some leadership, painfull though it may be in order to prevent a tragic situation unfolding.


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