Sunday, February 13, 2005

Aliyah in context

An article on Aliyah that actually gives a context to the figures rather than just going for the doom and gloom angle.

Yes numbers are down but the reservoir from which potential Olim in Eastern Europe has shrunk so much that Aliyah should be about the same as it was prior to the fall of Communism. At the same time, numbers from Western countries are up - people are making Aliyah for ideological reasons and as the economy picks up, so too do the numbers.

Those numbers won't really go up however, until the Government stops paying lip service and starts acting - it's all well and good to say that you want something but if your actions show indifference at best and discouragement at worst then people will draw their own conclusions.

I'm writing from the States, from the $3/4 million home of a Chief Exec of a huge company who would happily chuck it all in here if he knew that he would have a parnasa in Israel - I'm sure that there are many more like him. It's time for the PM to put up or shut up - either you want to encourage Olim or you don't - let's stop making it hard!



Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for a parnasa for the Chief Exec:

Sell the home for $3 million.

Spend $1.5 million to buy a beautiful apartment in Jerusalem and move your stuff into it.

Invest the other $1.5 million into something that will earn - let's be conservative now- 5 percent interest. That will give you a yearly income of $75,000.

At $75,000 per year, you can live VERY nicely in Israel. Much, much better than most Israelis. He can throw parties, travel, etc. and never have to work again.

And that's not considering the millions of dollars that he for sure has in investments other than his home, the potential for re-investing, etc.

How is that?

Gilly said...

Selling a $3/4 million home for $3 million would be a pretty good trick.

If only it were so easy - we're not talking about a multi millionaire here, but someone who is used to a decent lifestyle.

It's a pretty flippant answer - People want to continue to work for precisely the same reasons as they do in the US.

Even if he, and many like him were able to afford to retire at 50, I doubt that he would do so. This is precisely the type of person who we want in Israel, working within the economy - for all our benefits.


Rachel Ann said...

Perhaps he could sell his home, invest in a business that doesn't need him there hands on (or requires him to go in infrequently) which will generate American money, bring part of the work force to Israel (either by actually encouraging the work force to come or hiring Israelis at an American level salary.)

He would thus be able to help those in Israel (Israeli economy is growing) and be able to maintain a much higher life-style than most Israelis.

Fact is, his standard of living may go down. But the people here are so wonderful, the air so fresh, the life so much better than in America...Come...

Anonymous said...

In order to encourage Aliya from Western countries I am prepared to donate my job to this guy in exchange for living in a big house, not working and me living off his $75,000 p/a.

I know, I know, it's a big sacrifice but tzadik that I am, I am prepared to do it L'man am Yisrael.

Yellow Boy

amechad said...

I have dealt with many of these issues in my blog ( There will not be a qualitative Western aliya until Israel (A) understands the need for qualitative and not just quantative aliya, and particularly a quality and educated aliya and (B) recognizes that Israel's overall bureacratic and economic statism is seriously harmful to Israelis and Israel, in general, and the number 1 impediment towards North American and other Western aliya. But when politicians can still get away with using terms like "piggish capitalism" what can be done? That is a discussion that I often have on my blog and comments are always welcome.