Monday, February 28, 2005

No-one makes an ass of the IDF....

2 soldiers who showed their behinds at the opening ceremony of the new Ministry of Defence buildings (Kirya) in Tel Aviv last week were sentenced to 21 days in a military prison according to a report on Ynet.

When asked why they did it they were unable to say why, according to the report. I would say the fact that it's bloody funny is more than reason enough - it's certainly a story that they'll repeat again and again to all their friends. Just the sheer bare cheek of it (groan.....!)

This is the sort of irreverent story that makes it into Yediot and Maariv but not to all to high brow Haaretz and all to Anglo Jpost. At last a news source that will also bring a lighthearted look at Israel is available on the net to English speakers.


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