Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"Did you get those guns?"

With the referendum vote out of the way, both Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post address the collecting of weapons from settlers so as to avoid the possibility of confrontation leading to gun shots. This raises some tough practical issues.

First and foremost of course is the reason why those living in Gaza and the West Bank are permitted to have weapons in the first place whilst for a resident of Jerusalem like myself getting a license for a pistol would be difficult if not impossible. Settlers have weapons in order to protect themselves. Whilst they are living in areas, often surrounded by hostile towns and villages, they must surely be afforded the right to protect themselves just as they have been up until now.

The issue of to whom a ban would be extended is also problematic. Each settlement has a quick response team in case of an armed attack whilst soldiers who live on settlements all have personal firearms. Surely it would be impractical and illogical to require them to hand over their weapons?

As long as these issues exist (and I don't see how they can cease to do so), I don't see how weapons can be collected up without endangering lives. A partial collection might be possible but that would surely defeat the object of the exercise?

I am sure that the vast majority of settlers wouldn't contemplate using their weapons against Israelis. That the possibility exists however, must be acknowledged and taken into consideration in planning the withdrawal, with appropriate measures in place for those who even threaten the use of firearms.


p.s. brownie points if you can tell me where the title's from.....

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Anonymous said...

"Guns for show, knives for a pro."

As I understand it the idea is that there will be a series of perimeters will be set up by the army to seal off the relevant settlements from undesirable types of all shades. That way the settlers own weapons will be unnecessary, be they for 'personal use' or quick response teams or whatever.

On the other hand of course the residents of Gaza and Northern Shomron could just comply with the decisions made by the sovereign, democratically elected Knesset of the State of Israel, which is of course in line with the beliefs of the vast majority of Am Yisrael, and then there would be no need for soldiers, internecine fighting, with or without weapons etc. That wouldn't be too much to ask for now would it?

Yellow Boy