Friday, March 11, 2005

Fan mail

When I started this blog, I decided for various reasons to keep it semi-anonymous; I don't use my real name but do include my link when sending email to friends and family and am pretty open about the fact that I write. Anyone who knows me and comes across the blog should be able, without too much problem to work out that it's me.

I have a rough idea who some of the people who read me are; those who leave comments and link to me are the obvious ones and various of my friends have told me that they have been reading my musings. I'd always been a little worried that some nut would catch on so when my wife introduced me to someone who had put two and two together last night, I was a little concerned. My fears were unfounded as she turned out to be utterly charming - a real star and a pleasure to get to know - a big shout out - you know who you are.

One of the unexpected benefits of writing this blog has been that I've met some really interesting people and in many cases, become involved in their lives via the internet. As more and more people start writing, I find myself with an ever increasing list of links and less time to do the things that I should be doing - like work! Thanks to all of you who come to read, comment and link - it makes it even more worthwhile.

Shabbat Shalom,



Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure as well for me!

Nushyman said...


You are missing a link in your blogrolling..


darkvader said...


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