Thursday, March 24, 2005

Food for soldiers...

I just gave a whole bunch of goodies to the soldiers manning the road block on 443. At least I assume they were soldiers - they could have been dressing up but why anyone would want to put on a uniform and man a roadblock is beyond me.

2 young lads in their heavy ceramic vests and warm fleeces are going to be popular with their mates. To make me feel even better, it turned out they were from a sister unit to that which I served in - always happy to find a personal connection.

The Mitzva of giving Mishloach Manot (gifts of food) is one which I always enjoy but making soldiers' lives a little more pleasant is something which shouldn't be done just once a year; my mother-in-law is part of a rota that takes coffee, soup and cakes to the roadblock nearest their home. I'm going to make a resolution that Mishloach Manot shouldn't just be for Purim where soldiers are concerned - if we are going to pass by we'll try to drop something off.

Random piece of trivia - all roads of any size are given code names by the army; the most famous is probably the Philadelphi route on the Gaza - Egypt border. I was amused to note that the 443 is called "Liverpool". Manchester have got a little crappy side road. Come on you reds!!!

Chag Purim Sameach. Drink too much - it's a Mitzva!!


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