Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hamas promotes Islamic values

The front page of today's Jerusalem Post highlights the way in which Hamas "enforces Islamic values". A young woman, out for a walk with her fiance and chaperoned by her sister, was gunned down in broad daylight, her body dragged from her fiances car and then set about with "clubs and iron bars" by members of a Hamas Anti-Corruption Unit.

Hamas has apparently admitted that the perpetrators were from its membership and that they were tasked with "cracking down on men and women who defy Islamic teachings by appearing in public together".

To their credit, other Palestinian factions, including Fatah have condemned the murder.

The implications of this attack and its background are simply astounding. How can it possibly be that under any belief system, no matter how crazy, it is seen as immoral for a couple to take a chaperoned walk together, but completely acceptable to shoot an "offender" and to barbarically dismember the body?

Then again, given the actions that Hamas generally takes in Islam's name, maybe we shouldn't be surprised.


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Safiyyah said...

Hi Gilly,
I don't know if it's fair to say Hamas is promoting Islamic values. I know lots of Muslims would agree with you that this attack (and murder) a few days ago was just absolutely appalling.