Thursday, May 05, 2005

More on the AUT boycott

I was just forwarded the following - seems like the matter is far from cut and dried. Perhaps there may even be the possibility of a fair and legitimate debate?


"LA/7629 4 May 2005


Egmont House, 25-31 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9UT 020-7670 9700

fax: 020-7670 9799 email: www:

TO: Local association secretaries and council members

TOPIC: Special council meeting, 26 May 2005: calling notice

ACTION: Inform council members of date for special council meeting; arrange local meetings to business

SUMMARY: A special meeting of council has been called for 26 May 2005 to have a full debate on proposals to boycott Israeli universities

HQ CONTACT: Catherine Wilkinson, senior administrative officer

Dear Colleague


In accordance with rule 10.3, following the receipt of a request from 25 members of council notice is given that a SPECIAL MEETING of the COUNCIL OF THE ASSOCIATION will be held on THURSDAY 26 MAY 2005 at Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1.

The sole business of this special council meeting will be to have a full debate on proposals to boycott Israeli universities.

Details of how to register delegates for this meeting will be sent shortly in a separate circular.


Motions for this council meeting should be received at Egmont House by 12 noon on Wednesday 18 May. Motions will be circulated to local associations as soon as is practical after that deadline. The deadline for amendments to those motions will be 5pm on Monday 23 May.

The council agenda committee will meet prior to the special council meeting and their report will be circulated to delegates on their arrival at the meeting.

Motions should be approved by a local association general meeting or in accordance with another provision set out in a local association's local rules. A copy of the form for the purpose of submitting council motions is included in this circular. Alternatively, motions can be submitted by email to from the contact email address that is held by head office for the local association secretary. Emails should state that the motion was passed at a quorate general meeting, and the date of that meeting (as shown on the attached form for submitting motions by post). Receipt of all motions will be acknowledged; if you do not receive an acknowledgement before the deadline, please telephone Catherine Wilkinson at head office (020 7670 9700).

The standing orders for a special meeting of council are attached.

Yours sincerely

Angela Roger


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