Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Call a spade a spade.....

How Yonatan Ben Artzi manages to regard the rejection of his request to be released from army service as a "pacificist" or "conscientious objector" rather than "unsuitable for service" as a "moral victory" is unclear.

Ben Artzi, nephew of Bibi Netanyahu sat in jail as a result of his refusing to serve in the army as the law requires him to do. The army eventually granted him an exemption but this was still not enough. Instead he has wasted tax payers money in taking his frivolous battle to the Supreme Court who thankfully told him to get lost. Having been imprisoned and subsequently turned down by the highest court in the land, his "victory" has a logic that is clearly too sophisticated for me to grasp, used as it is, almost exclusively by those who have their arses whipped by the IDF only to proclaim themselves the victors.

He has of course, managed to make himself something of a celebrity in the same left leaning circles who are also experts in verbal gymnastics and will welcome him with open arms - the left always loves a loser - quite frankly, they are welcome to him.


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