Monday, June 27, 2005

If I had a million dollars....

Movies in Israel are a frustrating experience; people come in late, chatter throughout, throw popcorn and answer their mobile phones; at the interval (?!) the viewers leave on mass, returning to their seats via your toes once the second half of the movie is in full swing.

Yesterday was a treat therefore - I can't remember my last visit to the Cinematheque in Jerusalem but it's clearly been way too long. The Cinematheque shows films that movie buffs will appreciate, varying the menu throughout the week so that there's always something to keep the crowds happy. The viewing experience is similar to that which I hazily (and probably inaccurately) remember from England. The audience is there solely for the purpose of watching the screen, there is no break and when a mobile phone went off the poor, genuinely sorry guy, must have feared for his life. This is the screen of choice for Jerusalemites who love film and I will certainly try to frequent it from now on rather than the bucket-of-popcorn-and-supersized-coke multiplexes.

We saw the Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby - a superb film with wonderful performances from Clint, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman. If you get the chance (and you're most likely to do so at the Cinematheque) - then take the opportunity.



ifyouwillit said...

I had an almost identical conversation about Israeli cinemas with friends in the UK this evening, and Million $ Baby really was great - except for the stupid place they cut for the break!

ReformedPartygirl said...

you didn't mention the fact that there is always laughter a minute and a half after the jokes when the hebrew translation is read.

Jack's Shack said...

MDB was fabulous.

I remember seeing Trading Places back in '85 and I especially remember the delayed laughter.