Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Liverpool is Gilly"

I was extremely flattered to read that when David Wiseman thinks about Liverpool, he associates them with me. As an occasional player in the Monday night game (sorry for not inviting you for a while), David has most frequently encountered me on the pitch, screaming and swearing and wearing one of my Liverpool shirts with "Gilly" and the number 7 emblazoned across the back.

It's my father's fault that I'm a Liverpool supporter - he was born within spitting distance of the Mersey whilst I'm a native Londoner. Although we're now even further afield, one day when I have kids I'll have them cheering for the Reds, with Anfield baby-gros and Ian Rush milk bottles. Growing up in the late '70s and the '80s when Liverpool dominated the football world, it only made sense that I'd toe the line - it's become a bit more difficult in the last decade but not everyone gets to win the Champions League.....

Football is truly an international language and a great leveller. My Monday night companions are from the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Israel. They are Doctors, Venture Capitalists, Lawyers, Accountants, Students, IDTers, unemployed - it doesn't really matter where we're from - for 90 minutes our feet do the talking, with people from disparate backgrounds combining to play the beautiful game together. As an aside, once the pitch is paid for, we donate a certain amount of money to Tzedaka each month so others also benefit from our hobby.

And yes - I see where David is coming from - when I check the scores, I don't just stop at Liverpool but also have a look and see what's happened to QPR, Spurs, Arsenal and Celtic. Mrs Gilly knows to stay clear when Liverpool lose and that I'll be in a far better mood when the best team in the world have pocketed 3 points (and even more so when Man Utd and Chelsea crash and burn).

Shabbat Shalom,

Oh and by the way - welcome to a new entrant to the blog scene who I'm finding entertaining - Jeruguru.



Anonymous said...

"It's my father's fault that I'm a Liverpool supporter"

I thought he supported Everton?

Yellow Boy

superpharm said...

Perhaps some of Gilly's father's family did support Everton but in the current generations we all are 'Reds' and DEFINITELY NOT 'Blue Noses' or 'Toffees'. BTW, I have been to Goodison once in my life and did not enjoy it at all. Blue, dark and miserable. Now Anfield is different..... But will Crouch ever score??

Gilly said...


Dad took me to my first Liverpool game at Wemberley in the early 80s - I seem to recall it was the Charity Shield against West Ham in 1980. He also bought me my first Liverpool kit at around the same time.

True he switched to Everton later but that was largely to be a pain in the arse and by that time I was a confirmed red.

Superpharm - there's only so long until something gos in - so many chances! I am impressed with the way he works for the team - not like certain players who will be out in January.....


tafka PP said...

I don't actually think we've devoted enough space here to the fact that according to one of the leading papers in Israel (cough), YOU are Liverpool.

Well done, Sir.

David Wiseman said...

Dear Gilly,

Thanks for the mention.

Really enjoy reading your blog.