Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What's cooking?

Just as an update on my Eilat post when I mentioned that I'd be writing about our anniversary meal at some point this week - in the end we decided to stay home and cook rather than go out.

Seeing as Mrs G was working late, I took charge, heading for Shoshani's, one of Jerusalem's finest purveyors of meat, located on Emek Refaim which happily only involves a short detour on my way home. "How thick?" he asked me when I asked for two good steaks. I explained that we like our meat almost mooing and he cut appropriate slabs for me - perfect red meat mottled with fat, just waiting to be sizzled.

When it's not Barbecue weather, my Le Creuset grill pan is perfect for steaks and other meat which requires quick cooking without much fat. As my beloved walked in, I slapped the steaks on the hot pan and the smell of cooking meat filled the room. I quickly flipped them, turning them through 90 degrees to get a professional looking griddle pattern before turning them onto plates already daubed with mustard flecked, creamy mashed potato and decorated with strips of grilled peppers. As the piece de resistance, I added an onion gravy, flavoured with thyme, red wine and plenty of black pepper.

The steaks were perfect - just the right shade of pink in the middle and superbly washed down with a delicious bottle of red. Who needs a restaurant?


And now a few words from the Missus.......

Not meaning to toot our own horns, but both the hubby and I know how to cook pretty well. When we decided on a romantic candle lit dinner for two at chateau Gilly, I knew that I would be in good hands, letting my husband take charge. I wasn't disappointed!


scott said...

That description had just a dash too much of a flourish. Do you wear pink shirts? Do you know how to put together a nice floral display? Tell me you don't moisturize. ;^}

Gilly said...

Scott - if you look back at some of my posts, you'll realise how much I love food. I enjoy watching and reading about cooking, hence the descriptiveness.

The only pink shirt I have ever had went into the laundry white and got dyed and I leave the flowers to Mrs. G!!


scott said...

heh heh

Just ribbin ya. I do FANTASTIC floral displays and due to extremely dry skin I moisturize a lot. My cooking skills are limited to steaks on the barbie however. No pink shirt either.