Thursday, December 15, 2005

Catching up

Having not posted for 10 days, I certainly owe a debt of thanks to those of you who are not only curious (or bored) enough to read my ramblings but also for continuously checking up (according to my sitemeter) to see if I've updated (if only you'd click on my adsense!!)

Quite frankly I've been a tad uninspired - the election will prove to be interesting as things heat up but other than Shaul Mofaz proving just how much of a political whore he is, there's not all that much of interest in that arena - Likud leadership? Pnina Rosenblum? I'll leave it to the more seasoned politicians.

Work wise there's a lot going on but I don't actually want to go into it too much - not good stuff unfortunately but I find it very frustrating to talk about so I won't - things have looked up towards the end of this week and I'll probably write something on that next week.

Far more exciting however is my brother and sister-in-laws' imminent arrival which I alluded to in my previous post (for those of you who remember that far back). Having not lived in the same city for 13 1/2 years, I picked up the keys tonight for the apartment that I've rented for them around the corner. I haven't seen my little bro since my own wedding 13 months ago and I'm looking forward to him and his lovely wife getting to know Mrs G. better.

Almost exciting is that he's arriving just in time for the wedding of a very old friend of ours (with whom I lived for 5 years before getting married). Even better that he's marrying another good friend of mine - I've organised what should be a fairly staid stag party and then we're off to the Shabbat Chatan tomorrow, wedding this time next week and 7 brachot the week after sandwiched with another couple of weddings (like a London bus....)

Thus, although things have been quiet, there's quite a lot coming up and thank G-d it's all good stuff so look forward to some shiny, happy postings!!


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ifyouwillit said...

hope u enjoyed the shabbat chatan, shavua tov!