Thursday, December 29, 2005

If JDate doesn't work.....

According to Ynet, a British woman has married a dolphin in Eilat. The article, singularly the most bizarre that I remember reading outside of the Sunday Sport (no link - my Mother in Law reads this), brilliantly employs the English art of understatement in describing the wedding as "unusual".

So how on earth did they get that one by the Rabbanut? I suppose the fact that they clearly didn't cohabit before their nuptials must have been looked on approvingly but the logistics of a ceremony which presumably involved the bride swimming around the groom 7 times and breaking a glass with a flipper (ouch!), presided over by a Rav in a wetsuit (waterproof tallit anyone?) makes the mind boggle.

Unless I've putting too much into gender stereotypes, the fact that the dolphin - the groom remember, is called Cindy throws another spanner in the works and raises the possibility that the groom may also be a bride and that this coud be a lesbian-trans-species wedding.

I wonder how they announced that in the JC's "hatch, match and dispatch"?

Makes the wedding of a fellow blogger tonight seem ridiculously humdrum (and I know for sure that it won't be) -what planet are these people on?!



Emah S said...

I don't even want to know how they plan to consummate this one!!!

What next, right?


Esther Kustanowitz said...

"If Jdate doesn't work..."

Do not tempt us. A dolphin often looks like a much smarter alternative. As long as the dolphin is Jewish, because, you know, Jewish continuity...

Anonymous said...

Surely they can't consummate the wedding.

This marriage serves no porpoise.

Yelow Boy

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