Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Glen factor

Weddings can be sub-divided into 4 sections; the very best are when you are there because you are friends of both the Chatan and Kallah; this is very closely followed by those where you are friends of the Chatan (with whom you'll be doing most of your dancing). Next is the wedding when you are there on the Kallah's side, not really knowing the groom and his friends and feeling a bit awkward about shuffling around in a circle with your hand on the sweaty shirt of the stranger in front. Lastly comes the wedding when you are there because your partner is a friend of one side or the other and you know no-one in the entire place.

The last group in particular can be made very much easier if the booze is good and I was therefore rather happy this evening to encounter an old friend of mine at the bar as we entered. The Cragganmore and I have a long acquaintance and I was very pleased to renew it. Looking further afield, I was overjoyed to spot a trio of old buddies usually known collectively as "the Glens" - Glenfiddich, Glenlivet and Glenmorangie - between them, they'll make any event a simcha! Even if you know no-one - anyone can end up being your best friend! The car keys were duly passed to Mrs G. who can dance all night in a wedding where she knows no-one without a drop of alcohol.

Morning after postscript: Ouch! Don't do that again when you have to be up before 7:00!!



ifyouwillit said...

Gotta love the glens.

Glen Factor said...

I have to say my real name is Glen Factor, I don't know where you cooked up this idea, but man, it seems that you are psyched.

Glen Factor