Thursday, January 12, 2006

Personal example

If you take the view that you can judge a person by his friends and / or that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, then having your daughter's wedding ended by police breaking up a fight is hardly a ringing endorsement for one of our Chief Rabbis.

This is the self same daughter whose previous boyfriend was kidnapped by the Rabbi's son, with the Rebbetzin's knowledge and beaten up, in the Rabbi's own house whilst the Rabbi himself slept.

This time round, it seems that a guest attacked a waiter having been provoked by the fact that said waiter was "an Arab".

If these are the type of people who our religious leaders choose to make friends with and this is the kind of example which is being set by our Chief Rabbis (Rabbi Amar's Ashkenazi counterpart Rabbi Metzger has a litany of complaints against him including, most recently, bribery), is it really any great wonder that religion is a turn off for many?

In days gone by, our leaders resigned over an illegal bank account. If Rabbi had any ideas of decency he would have resigned. The message that he has sent is not one that I recognise as being compatible with being a good Jew.



Zeh Sefer Toldot Adam said...


and amen!
G-d, what a nightmare!
I don't know whether to laugh to to die of shame.

Seth said...

generally religion isn't a turn-off. people are always drawn to them, no matter how atheist they claim to be.

the problem rests in the fact that the levels of orthodoxy of the rabbis you are speaking about go beyond religion and into a kind of obsession. they miss the big picture. that's the real turn off.

phishaliyah said...

thankfully, ours is a religion of g-d worship and not people worship.

but i don't hold any human to a higher standard than any other human.

we all have faults no matter what level of religiousity we're on.

it's just that most of us don't the spotlight on our faults.

then again, i haven't been remotely involved in any kidnappings lately...

Justadash said...

You're being a little harsh on the rabbi here, do you really think he even knew half the people at the wedding? And let's be serious- how many fruitcakes walk the streets of the land unrestricted..... think of how many of these stupidities happen every day in Israel ?
And this reflects on the girl ?!

Gilly said...

Justadash - I'd guess that he not only knew but probably invited half of the guests at the wedding - that's usually the way in which it works - in fact seeing as he's an important figure it was probably more than half.

I'm also guessing that he had a fair hand in choosing the groom - I'd like to think that neither my family nor that of my wife would stoop so low as to start a fight at a wedding - which brings us neatly to my point about judging people by there friends.