Saturday, February 04, 2006

Having a ball

A big congratulations to organisers of Thursday's Jerusalem Winter Ball. An excellent turn out of smartly dressed singles and couples meant that a few shekels went in the direction of a worthy charity.

Although not everyone enjoyed themselves, some of Israel's newest, most fabulous and most eligible bloggers seemed to be taking advantage of the bar, good food and easy going atmosphere.

Kol Hakavod to Eli and the committee - bigger and better next year!

Shavua Tov



channahboo said...

The "most eligible"... I like that! :)

gils said...

I had fun dancing with Mrs G! Thanks for lending her to me!
Maybe I should change my blog to Gila's 'fabulous' adventures..?

Calev said...

Since u moved country am i not a 'good read' anymore?

Hope all is good with you and the Mrs and look forward to seeing you when u come back to the land of milk and honey