Friday, March 24, 2006

Islamic Catch 22

If I were a member of a religion where you could be killed for daring to have a contrary belief, I, as a normal, rational human being wouldn't want to be a member of that religion - tough call huh?

I'm starting to think that certain people have a slightly different mentality where no real value is put on human life (unless it can be manipulated for PR purposes to achieve an aim)....



seawitch said...

Thank goodness the case against him has been dropped for now.

Scott said...

Welcome to the actual world.

Scott said...

Brother, If you only knew. At this moment your average American kid is being programmed in his/her government school to think of themselves as polution.

If you could get a member of the Left's elite (average college professor, garden variety Hollywood actor, democRAT politician) to be really honest with you they would explain that at least half of humanity needs to go away. They would exhaustively make the case to you that humanity is indeed a virus that the earth can not survive. (google Professors 'Churchill' or 'Pianka')

Just as nobody wants to admit that the Holocaust was just another milestone on a very long road and that 'never again' is nothing but hot air ( "Three Myths" ... we all pretend that the Left is just one side in a rational political spectrum.

Meanwhile as the madrass across the muslim world teach their children to hate and kill ... western children are being taught to be victims and to literally hate themselves.

If you believe in the intrinsic value of human life .... you are a member of a radically shrinking minority.

he who is known as sefton said...

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