Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Purim Sameach

Writing after a Purim party is not necessarily the greatest idea, but then tempting fate by dressing up as Julius Caesar on the Ides of March is also arguably not the smartest plan in the world. Jerusalem is alive and kicking tonight and every Anglo who's out and about seems to be at Moulan on the corner of Keren Hayesod and Jabotinsky. We headed there after a King and Queens themed party around the corner and it proved a good decision - good music, great atmosphere and plenty of friends bumping and grooving.

Despite my generally miserable disposition, Purim is one of my favourite Chagim as pretty much everyone gets into it - school children are running around the streets in costume, it's a great excuse for adults to let their hair down and the socially aware customs of sending food baskets to your friends and giving charity, together with booing Haman's name, are some of my favourite holiday minhagim.

Tomorrow we'll be hosting a Purim Seudah of around 15 people - don't have a clue where we're going to put them all but I'm certain that Mrs G. has catered in sufficient quantities - it would be great if we had today's weather so that we could eat outside but the forecast is for a colder spell so not counting on it and we may have to do a buffet option - a good crowd of people coming and with plenty of liquid lubrication I'm sure that the cramming won't be a problem.

Wishing you all a Chag Sameach,



seawitch said...

I just celebrated my first Purim ever. It was so much fun! More adults wore costumes then the children.

Chag Sameach

treppenwitz said...

Hope your 'shushan Purim' was as enjoyable as our regular one.

gils said...

I thought the Seudah was awesome! Thank-you once again!