Thursday, July 13, 2006

In a belligerent mood

The French are pissing me off again. Not an unusual statement from someone who was born and brought up in the UK and has lived in Israel for a decade; it's almost inevitable that I'll have my nose put out of joint by something that M. Chirac or one of his cronies comes out with. It has come as little surprise that whilst Israelis are sitting in their bomb shelters, with 1 dead and 70 wounded in the barrage as well as 8 dead soldiers and 2 more kidnapped, the French Foreign Minister has actually had the gall to condemn Israel for responding in what he termed "a disproportionate act of war".

Whilst it's possible to understand this attitude within the context that the idea of responding to an attack on your country hasn't been a part of French military doctrine for close to a century, it would seem rational to me (even President Bush agrees with me) that if you come under attack you have the right to defend yourself.

The Russians have also taken the high moral ground and weighed in with their thoughts:
"The continued destruction of civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories and the disproportionate use of force by Israel, which causes suffering to the civilian population, can be neither understood nor justified,"
With a few changes that sentence becomes:
"The destruction of civilian infrastructure in Chechnya and the disproportionate use of force by Russia, which caused 200,000 civilian deaths, can be neither understood nor justified"
Get your own house in order before you start making your opinions known.

The EU are at it too. Israel's now been condemned by the Finns.

It seems fairly clear that there is a simple solution to the French Defence Minister's helpful comment that
"we must move towards a dialogue, recognising each other and permitting the civilian population to live in peace"
I'm not altogether convinced that we need a dialogue at all though it certainly won't do any harm - I'll couch it in simple terms for the Lebanese, Syrians and French: if you don't give us a reason to shoot at you, we won't shoot at you.

In a little more detail - if you allow a militia (which also happens to have a Minister in your Government) to operate freely out of your sovereign territory then you are going to bear the consequences of their actions. If you are the country supplying them with weapons you should be worried too. No one (on this side) wants to be in a state of conflict - but we will defend ourselves and punish those who are party to attacks on our State. If Lebanon is indeed "a friend of France" then the French should be having a friendly word in their ear - suggesting that kicking Hezbollah out would be no great loss and would enhance the chances of a lasting peace in the region.



Anonymous said...

Agreed. But at least you didn’t have to spend last night at the French Ambassadors’ gaff “celebrating” Bastille Day. I tell you there were millions of the buggers there.

Yellow Boy

tafka PP said...

Ooh good post. You've snapped me out of my despondence, even if only temporarily.

Gavriel said...

Well done! This ought to embolden a few more rioting mobs of "youth" in France too.

Rick said...

The French are the worst assholes in the world. Chickenshits who talk big but run when the going gets tough. Ignore the fuckers.

Dot Co Dot Il said...

If they're condemning us, we must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

You wanna know how you do it? Here's how, they pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone!

Sir Sefirot said...

Writing from Spain. Just that you know that not everybody is condemning you :D I wish I could help in any other way apart from blogging and commenting, but I'm doing everything in my hand to tell people home about what's really going on there in Israel, and who are the bad guys there.

I'll pray for victory.

Go Warriors of David! Go IDF!

Ozzie said...

Well said. Yawp!

The Sanity Inspector said...

Putin's trying to stay on the good side of the Islamic populations in the southern Russian provinces.

One problematic thing about the breakout of the Soviet Union: the Middle East is now twice as large as formerly.

Congratulations on getting linked at NZ Bear, btw.

Lakewood Venter said...

Damn the french! God bless israel and their friends the US of A led by the commendable GWB!

Anonymous said...

Writing from Austria ... telling you that not only the french, finns, ... are against the acts of israel. And who is the chickenshit ??? being good in killing children and running away after 8 dead soldiers.

ps: it must be really dangerous beiing open minded in your country lakewood

Sharon Cohen said...

Let me tell you something - I am a jew myself and I am sickened by the fact that my jewish fellows are starting a war against anyone that dare's to critcize us...

lets just put this war on the side for one moment...

Why is it ok when our people talk shit about our government and what idiots olmert, peretz, perez, sharon and so on are but as soon as anybody from the world condemns our actions and criticizes us, (on our to my oppinion: wrong doing - ill come to that point later), they are assholes?? cmon folks - where is the common sense?? Are they antisemites, because they condemn our actions?? Antisemitism exists, just like racism, fascism, pedophily and all other diseases. But do we have to feed it???

back to the war: lets take PLO. Where is PLO now?? When we started to sit on a table and talk things out and accepted PLO, they formed a government and tried the communication tool (and it worked for a while) and not the hostile aggressive suicide tool they have been using for the past decades. When are we going to accept that Hamas, Hisbollah and god knows how many terrorist groups are our own breed. They are the reaction of our own actions. We are not that innocent as we pretend to be. we did a LOT of shit. but its time to stop. its time to stop having our children killed and killing their children. We can never win this war unless common sense walks into our brains and negative emotions and hostilities are set aside. Bring a table and bring them on!!! bring them to our tables and lets talk. We started it and it was going well but we didnt try hard enough to finish it. Antisemetism is growing like a diseas and our government and "Jesus W. Christ" are breeding it.

Talking about GWB. What happens if one day the Us decides to stop supporting / backing us up? Have you ever considered this option? Why does everybody think on short term basis? the US is losing its reputation amongst the world nations. more and more countries (and i am not talking about the islamic countries) are distencing themselves from the aggressiv US foreign policy. once GWB is gone, another will come and another, until one day one President will decide that the US has lost its reputation and they will stop supporting Israel. Therefore we have to start making peace with our neighbours ( at all cost). Blood only brings blood and thats not a solution on a long term basis

Let us STOP - Please...

Sincerly Sharon

Emmanuel said...

I'm french, and I live in France...

Do you have question ? I'll try ton answer, if I can .. :)

Avram said...

great post mate ... but honestly, it's the French, would you expect anything else?

Anonymous said...

"Peace at all cost" is the biggest and most dangerous illusion of our times. it will kill us if we're not careful.

The Torah says: "He who is kind to the cruel will in the end be cruel to the kind."

You can make peace with other people who inside want peace. Not with people who are willing to die and kill their children in order to kill you. That's the simple fact of the matter. Believing otherwise is a fantasy that will lead to - is already leading to - the death of many innocents.

Or, in the inimitable words of the leader of Iran: "The best route to peace is the destruction of Israel."

There is, unfortunately, good and evil in this world. Most of us have some of both, but even the most'evil' of us don't delight in murder.

The road map is a map to hell - and we are seeing a bit of that hell right now.

If you want to check out a real - the only real - solution to this terrible problem, go to

Anonymous said...

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