Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Aroma of Coffee

This article about where to go for coffee in Jerusalem on Ynet made me feel rather home sick. Some of the older places that it mentions tend to get overlooked for the flash of the new. Duvshanit always takes me back a few years with it's old fashioned (and delicious) cakes. They may not know from skinny, soy, fat-free, pumpkin spiced lattes but for a nostalgia trip you can't beat them.

My personal favourite place to go for coffee is Cafe Kalo which gets a good mention in the article. Situated on Derech Beit Lechem, close to our apartment, it's a favourite when we have the time to go for brunch on a Friday. When Mrs G senior is visiting we also tend to gravitate towards it and Mr Gilly Junior and his missus have adopted it enthusiastically. Sandwiches and salads named after local streets and imaginative breakfasts in particular, together with it's collection of mismatched furniture make it worth a look.

Derech Beit Lechem has plenty of enthusiasts - it even has a Facebook group dedicated to it. Whether you want to sit out in the garden at Cafe BeGina, enjoy homecooking Moroccan style at Rachel's Sandwich bar or go for the old staple Felafel at Ovadia (and various other options inbetween) it can't be beaten.

Missing home!


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Dark Horse said...

Kalo had their תו חברתי removed recently. You might need to find somewhere else to drink!