Thursday, December 14, 2006

David Duke on Zionism

This video, of Wolf Blitzer interviewing former Klansman David Duke, who has most recently been participating in the "Holocaust conference" (which is all about freedom of speech) in Tehran, demonstrates just how delusional people can be.

The war in Iraq is being fought for Israel's interest, Ahmadinejad has never called for the destruction of Israel and David Irving should not be in prison for Holocaust denial. Jews control the media and Blitzer himself is an Israeli agent.

About 8 minutes long - take a look.



Avram said...

and to think this guy was actually an elected member of the US government ... oysh.

Mrs. G said...

Did I tell you about this from the airport?

tafka PP said...

I saw that too! The Liberal Elite blog sent an email with the link called "Hate-filled Nutjob Alert"- sums it right up, frankly.

Very impressed with Blitzer's control. And I wonder if Duke has read the Guardian lately- would like to see how he argues that being under Zionist control...