Thursday, September 02, 2004

NY Times against the occupation - not what you think!

I spotted this editorial in the NY Times (full text here).
When it comes to occupied Arab territory, Syria applies a brazen double standard and does not even have the decency to be discreet about it: In Iraq, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Gaza, every additional day of foreign occupation is viewed as intolerable, and immediate, unimpeded sovereignty is considered imperative. For Lebanon, under the thumb of Syrian troops for the past 28 years, Damascus never uses the word occupation and never hesitates to abuse Lebanese sovereignty.

Although what it has to say is nothing new to me, it is surprising to see that someone (including the French noch!) has finally got up and pointed out that one of the countries that consistently condemns Israel for being an "Occupying power" is at least as guilty (and I would argue far more so). This is not the only such case but what odds on the UN condemning China over Tibet?



Stacey said...

Good point, Gilly. A total double standard.

I have been to both Israel and London one time each. Loved both places. Of course Israel felt like home. How wonderful to not feel like a minority for a change.

Was in London in 4 years ago. Saw "The Tempest" at The Globe. It was great. Went for "high tea" every day. Loved the Victoria and Albert museum.

Oh well, back to work. Nice to meet you, Gilly.

Jack's Shack said...

The double standard is one that has always existed and I am not real optimistic that it is ever going to completely disappear.

It would be nice to see oil replaced by some viable alternative energy source. It won't mean that we change all the minds of the Muslim world, but it will cut down on their international support somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Up to now, Syria has been able to maintain the fiction that it was occupying Lebanon with the consent of the elected Lebanese government (a transparent lie, but one the diplomats chose to believe). Now that the Syrian proconsul strong-armed the elected prime minister into extending Lahoud's presidential term, though, the fiction has been exposed. Even France can no longer ignore the fact that Syria is a hostile occupying power.

Jonathan Edelstein