Monday, September 06, 2004

A shrinking world

My world just got a lot smaller. Or perhaps more accurately, a large section of my small part of the world got taken over. In a thoroughly agreeable way it must be said but still it's going to take some time to get used to.

My fiancee moved apartment yesterday. She's going to be in the new place for a couple of months until we get married (we're the old fashioned type) but, rather than moving all her stuff into the new apartment and then again as our big day approaches, we decided that it would be far more sensible just to move everything over now and for her to take a small amount of necessary stuff (probably equivalent to everything I own) to the new flat.

When outfitting our flat, I bought the biggest cupboard that I could physically fit into the bedroom. It is over 3 metres wide and has 8 doors. I kidded myself that it would be big enough. Now however, I'm having serious doubts - and that's before she starts moving all the stuff which is still at her parents' home. I watched amazed last night as she unpacked enough little black tops to last for weeks. Then came little white tops and little coloured tops. I am considering building a separate annex for her shoes. Imelda Marcos seems fairly reasonable by comparison. Fortunately the shelves at the top are out of easy reach so I can beat an orderly retreat.

Our bathroom cabinet, which until recently had seemed enormous for my meagre toiletries has been taken over by washes, creams, conditioners and many unidentifiable bottles. No wonder women take so long in the bathroom - sorting through so many possibilities before they find what they need is no easy task. No wonder that cosmetic companies make such a killing - why take one bottle into the shower when you can take a dozen?

I am wonderfully, joyously happy that I'm going to be sharing my home with an amazing woman. I have resigned myself to doing things in a different way, to agreeing with rather than making decisions and to never being on time again. Over the years I had become used to dealing with women with emotional baggage - fortunately my fiancee doesn't have any - I hadn't counted on quite so much physical baggage though!


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Sarah said...

Mazal tov on the new additions to your family! :-)

May you, the clothes, the shoes, and the toiletries have a long and happy life together.

Seriously, I hope you don't mean to imply that your fiancee has emotional AND physical baggage. Were I a man and had to choose, I'd say the physical baggage is much easier to deal with.

Plus, you do want your new wife to look and smell good, don't you?