Tuesday, January 04, 2005

No-one likes us but we don't care....

A poll commissioned by the Daily Telegraph showing British people's attitudes towards other countries paints Israel in a negative light, reports the Jerusalem Post.

YouGov, an online polling service obtained results from 2058 adults in the UK at the end of 2004 and show amongst other things (complete results available here) that of the 23 nations on offer, respondents viewed Israel as the country in which they'd least like to live, the country which deserved the least international respect, the country in which they'd least like to take a holiday and the least beautiful country.

Working on the assumption that none of the people polled have ever visited Israel (why would they if it comes bottom of their list of places to visit?) one must assume that they are basing their opinion on the way in which Israel is portrayed in the news. If this is indeed the case, the results are completely unsurprising and I find myself in the unusual position of actually agreeing with the Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James Zvi Hefetz who asserted that it's "not a big deal". A poll based on false perceptions and hearsay only reveals people's badly informed opinions.

Aliyah and Tourist figures from the UK are up btw....


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