Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Day 12 - Summing up

I've missed a couple of days along the way but looking back at all that I've written, I figure I've got an interesting record of my Miluim. It didn't work out as it was supposed to and most of my posts have been made from home or from my holiday in the States (of which more shortly) but I've got down what I wanted to.

This miluim has been a very different experience for me because I've had someone waiting for me at home for whom the experience was far more difficult. I've been out there doing the work whilst she has been imagining the worst case scenario the entire time. Your love and support have been incredible babe - I love you.

We've had two weeks during which our mission to keep things quiet has been largely successful other than a couple of incidents of stone throwing. Meeting with the Machat - the Colonel in charge of our area, I was impressed to be told that in the last year, the number of units dealing with this part of the country has been cut by a quarter, saving the tax payer 1/2 a billion shekels per year. He also pointed out that they've cut down on the use of tanks and armoured personnel carriers which are not only big gas guzzlers but also necessitate relaying roads wherever they're used. During the same period, terrror has not been given a chance to rear its head - in other words, the job is being done better by a smaller group of soldiers for a far smaller cost.

My fears about how I would deal with working with the local population were largely irrelevant as our contact with them was minimal. I'm proud that I behaved as I would demand of myself but the long term familiarity which could lead to contempt was never and issue.

I'm proud to be amongst those who go to reserve duty without hesitation on a yearly basis and will continue to put on uniform whenever I'm needed but hope for the sake of my wife and my comrades in arms, that the mooted plan to cut back on Miluim will go into effect and we'll be able to take a well earned break.

Sof. (Until the next time)


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