Sunday, March 20, 2005

The new black...

Whenever there is a death of a family or friend, I always find it to be tremendously reassuring to be around small children; the continuity that they represent helps me to deal with the feeling of loss and their antics usually act as a distraction. The simchat bat that I went to on Friday morning was a real tonic following Zeidy's passing.

Friday was a beautiful day and I went out in my short sleeves and shades; having stopped off to buy a cute little outfit on the way, I arrived at the same time as a couple of my friends, both with babes in arms. Several years ago, I was introduced to the idea that in certain sections of society BYOB doesn't stand for "Bring Your Own Bottle" but rather "Bring Your Own Baby". At the time it was an observation about people far older than myself; last Friday I was reminded that I am the odd man out in my peer group.

Babies, together with a house in Modi'in appear to be the chicest fashion accessory around these days; many of my friends have two (babies, not houses) and judging from the state of a couple of behatted young wives, more and more people are getting in on the act. Upon commenting on the phenomenon, I was offered various offspring for as long as I would have them but after I'd been liberally coated in dribble decided to enjoy my baby less state, particularly as I was having little joy eating my smoked salmon bagel with a pair of small, curious snotty hands touching everything in sight.

Although they are clearly all the rage, the exciting prospect of getting up several times in the middle of the night, wiping dirty bottoms every 5 minutes and never having a moment's quiet again are all going to have to wait; I'm looking forward to being a father but first I'm enjoying getting used to being a husband and will practice on other people's kids in the meantime.


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