Saturday, March 19, 2005


My wife's Zeidy who I wrote about recently, finally lost his battle; mentally sharp to the last and with a smile on his face throughout years of suffering, his body finally gave out. My in-laws flew back for the funeral yesterday morning in Philadelphia; we have taken charge of the other kids until they get back.

I had been extremely worried that our trip to the States would come too late - Zeidy was really in a pretty bad state, but he held it all together and hung on for us. I got to meet a wonderful old man and my wife got to spend a few more precious hours with the family head. When we said goodbye I was pretty sure that we wouldn't see him again, that these were the last memories that we'd have of him. My wife has taken it hard, particularly not being able to go to the funeral but is being incredibly strong.

I'm not sure where to put myself half the time - I'm far more detached then my wife and her siblings, not having known Zeidy very well. At the same time, I felt a strong connection; an emotional bond built on the unconditional love which I felt directed to me, the newest grandson in the family. I'm just concentrating on being supportive of my wife and in-laws and thinking a lot about my own Dad and my Grandma who would have been 96 today had she lived.

Zeidy will be remembered as a wonderful man with a legacy of children and grandchildren who he enjoyed and enjoyed him.

I'm proud to have known him.



Jack's Shack said...

My condolences for your loss.

Anonymous said...

baruch dayan ha-emet. I wish both of you and your wife's family to share in only smachot.
may they be comforted amoungst tzion in jerusalem