Sunday, April 17, 2005

....and now for my latest trick.....

Very excited to see if this works! And it appears to be doing so - with my digital camera in hand, I'm going to post a few images of places that I love in Jerusalem - some instantly recognisable but mainly (hopefully) a little off the beaten track.

These first three images are from the Goldman Promenade in Talpiot. Many people are familiar with the Sherover Promenade overlooking the Old City - Goldman is the continuation, along past Government House and looks North to the Old City (picture 2) instead of North East. It also has views to the Forest of Peace (picture 3).

We visited the Goldman Promenade when I was spending my gap year in Israel and then didn't make it down there again until last week - I won't be waiting another decade before my next trip.


4x4 Ancient and Modern, Goldman Promenade Posted by Hello

Looking North to the Old City Posted by Hello

View to the Peace Forest, Abu Tor to the right, Crane over "Young Arnona" dead ahead Posted by Hello

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