Sunday, April 17, 2005

Weird neighbours

Honking your horn at hours when people are likely to be asleep is a habit which I consider to be particularly obnoxious, particularly as it could be avoided by using a phone or the old fashioned method of parking and politely knocking at the door. Although I was up (too) early on Friday morning, the constant honking from outside my window annoyed me enough to go and take a look at the cause. I met my nice neighbour going to check it out as I stepped into the street.

I live in a corner property in an area where parking is usually plentiful other than when parents are picking up their kids from the school opposite. This made the cause of the racket all the more objectionable; a car had parked on the pavement around the front of the property where there is ample room. It had been parked in front of my obnoxious neighbours gate - a spot that he considers to be his own private space with little or no justification - it is certainly not marked as such. Obnoxious neighbour had deliberately parked in front of the other car, thus blocking it in and the other driver, not knowing who had done this frankly quite nasty thing, was honking in order to hopefully rouse the offender.

My nice neighbour pointed the driver in the direction of the obnoxious neighbour's front door and I left them to it. They were both gone by the time I returned so I presume they sorted things out.

I am thoroughly bemused at the level to which obnoxious neighbour stooped - when I did renovations last year, rather than having a chat when we did something (trivial) that he disagreed with, he handed me a letter of protest and stalked off. When I encounter him in the street he hardly acknoledges my cheery "Boker Tov!" Clearly he's not blessed with much in the way of social graces.

What struck me as particularly stupid however was that in parking in front of someone who ultimately left at 7:15 a.m, he ended up being woken up on the one day that he gets a chance at a sleep in (along with the rest of our street) - now is that not biting off your nose to spite your face?

In Yorkshire they say "There's nowt as queer as folk" - I'd say that it holds true for Bak'a too.


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treppenwitz said...

I'll trade you my neighbor for yours any day of the week! :-)