Tuesday, April 19, 2005

As I was going to pick up a video......

My video store is on Kikar Tzarfat, (France Square) where King George becomes Keren Hayesod and Ramban leads to the road to Tel Aviv which is often the site of demonstrations. As I pulled up to the store, about 30 people were standing about with signs asking to let Vanunu go. I seem to recall that we already did so - personally I reckon we should have let him rot. Presumably they want him to have his restrictions lifted - what he could possibly know after all those years inside and not be able to surreptitiously tell the world whilst the restrictions are in place I can't begin to think.

The cameras were there, it'll make the press and appear to be a much bigger deal than it actually was - such seems to be the way - where else in the world would a demonstration that small draw any worthwhile attention? Still - interesting to see these things going on whilst going about the daily routine.

They didn't have the Incredibles so I got Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.



Anonymous said...

amazing movie- hope you enjoyed it.
- a "known" visitor of this blog.

Nushyman said...

Loved ESOTSM. Did you enjoy?