Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tooled up

After coming home from work I spent an hour or so this evening armed with a drill putting stuff up around the flat. It's amazing how manly I felt with a powertool in hand, making holes in the various walls. When we did the assignation of gender roles in my family it was definitely done the old fashioned way and my wife is quite happy to let me get on with it.

For the record, we now have towel racks, toilet paper holder, a notice board and a little key cupboard up - next I reckon I'll get round to some pictures.

No unhappy incidents to report - the electrics are unharmed, bathroom tiles still whole and no pipes were burst in fulfilling my exploits. My wall bent a drill bit into an oddly satisfying contortion - good to know the place is solid!

I doubt that you're reading but thanks for the tool kit boys - a wedding present which I'll get plenty of use out of!

Must get myself a big saw or something next - cool.....



Nushyman said...

Ahem, been desperatley trying to establish gender roles in my marriage - failing that can you come round and stick up the toilet roll holder, coat hooks and new toilet seat I bought more than a year ago. I'll even let you play with my big blue drill?

Harry said...

I love my tools. Ceiling fans. Curtain rods. Mirrors. They are no match for the Harry.