Thursday, April 21, 2005

A favourite spot in Rechavia

These are 3 shots taken in one of my favourite Jerusalem streets, Rechov Abarbanel in Rechavia. I lived in the neighbourhood for 4 years and every time I headed up to town I passed between the two very unusual houses in the first two photos.

Rechavia is one of Jerusalem's older garden neighbourhoods and has plenty of character properties and greenery. Abarbanel (nearly all Rechavia Streets are named after notable Sephardim) is a quiet one way street abutting Yad Ben Tzvi, the museum / research institute which was formerly the home of Israel's second President.

I happened to pass by on a sunny day and snapped some pictures to share.


1 - Unusual Architecture and plenty of colour Posted by Hello

2 - Jerusalem stone - check out the cactus! Posted by Hello

3 - A view down Rechov Abarbanel Posted by Hello

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Gothamimage said...

Wow- great photos- how much do those houses run in dollars?