Tuesday, May 31, 2005

All I wanna do is.......

My journey time to work has been cut in half - my journey time home from work has been cut in 3. After threatening to do so for a while, I have purchased a bike - the old fashioned type that you pedal. It's big and cool looking and came with a helmet to keep me safe and a big fat lock which you'd need explosives to get through.

The world looks very different from the saddle; every driver on the road is a potential killer; fellow cyclists are no longer a nuisance but brothers and I even managed to tut tut at one such brother for whom the need to protect his brain from getting bashed in was of secondary importance to his hair do.

If there are any other cyclists out there, any tips for avoiding the Jerusalem traffic (getting crunched by it that is) would be appreciated. I'm not a novice cyclist and even made my way round the Kinneret last year but most of my cycling was around the garden and over ramps.

Take care on the roads and watch out for a bright red helmet!



Ke'evei Beten said...

you keep your helmet on the outside??????
doesn't sound too safe to me!

Nushyman said...

don't ride in Israel -that's my advice. But seriously - never ever go without your helmet. And don't assume the Israeli's will give way for you. Be safe!

Gilly said...

Cheers Beten (name suits you) for that most intelligent of comments - but should I have expected any different? ;)