Monday, May 30, 2005

Saying "non" to Chirac

Jacques Chirac suffered a major blow to his prestige yesterday, leading for calls for his resignation.

Europe, located off the coast of Great Britain, is seeking to institute a continent-wide Constitution which much be ratified by all of its members before it can take effect. The French people came out in numbers to give the treaty, piloted by former French President Giscard d'Estaing and strongly supported by Israel's great friend Jacques Chirac, a resounding vote of no confidence. In 1957, France was among the 6 signatories of the Treaty of Rome, the start of the process that led to the founding of the 25 State European Union that exists today. For the French people to reject an important step in the process of increasing the ties is a major blow and a personal slap in the face for Chirac and d'Estaing.

Chirac has proven time and again to be unfriendly (to say that least) towards Israel so its rather satisfying to see his face being rubbed in it - personally, I think that he should do the honourable thing and spend more time with his family.



ifyouwillit said...

I think it is fair to say if the French have voted against this plan, it will soon be shelved. If a country as pro Europe as France said no, what chance is there of boarderline countries passing a yes vote.

Ke'evei Beten said...

so near and yet so far...,,13509-1634940,00.html

you know we are supposed to stone false prophets...