Thursday, May 26, 2005


Just for those of you who are wondering what last night's posts are about - my team Liverpool won the Champions League last night in one of the most amazing games of football that I've ever seen.

Liverpool have had a pretty poor season playing in the English League but came into their own in Europe's premier competition. They were underdogs in the final and were 3 - 0 down at half time which should have meant that the game was over. 3 goals in quick succession rocked their opponents, Italian giants AC Milan back on their heals and after extra time, with the score locked at 3 - 3, they ran out winners on penalties.

Liverpool are England's most succesful club side and this was their 5th win in the European competition - the previous time was in 1984 however and Liverpool has struggled to recapture former glories. Hopefully this feat - probably the closest comparison I can make for those of an American persuasion is for a wild card entry to win the Superbowl, will be the start of a new Empire.



Kibi said...

Excellent game - well done Reds.

Probably would beat the 1999 final if it wasn't for the fact that that was United and they beat Munich (doens't come much sweeter than that).

Kibi said...

Still I wonder whether they're going to find a way to let Liverpool defend the title - 'twould be a crying shame if they weren't let in - I say they should take Everton's place...

tafka PP said...

I was actually tempted to drive up the M62 last night just because I could.

Glorious stuff

Jack's Shack said...

I am still surprised that this game hasn't gone the way of the dinosaur. ;)

Gilly said...

It probably doesn't go "the way of the dinosaur" because so many people play and love the beautiful game.

David All said...

Rule Britainia!
There will be always be an England!
Britons Strike Home!
Land of Hope and Glory!
Hearts of Oak!
(Have I left anything out?)