Thursday, May 19, 2005

What's a nice Sith Lord doing in a place like this?

***This post contains no spoilers.***

The midnight showing - Rav Chen Cinema in Talpiot, barely a native Israeli in evidence - I'm there with my cousin - and we know half the people in the place. Glad I didn't bother Jangloing to see if anyone could lend me a lightsabre - people are not quite as fanatical here as they are overseas. The atmosphere is festive - we have been waiting for a long time and the disappointments have been great along the way. We are hoping for something better than George Lucas has served up until now. We have a rough approximation of what the storyline must be as we have known what happens in the next episode for close to 3 decades.

Cheering as the Lucasfilm logo appears and the famous music strikes up. Then we're glued to the screen for the next 2 and a bit hours (apart from the inappropriately placed intermission of course).

Here's what you probably suspected:

Better than Episodes 1 + 2 but not a patch on the originally trilogy.

Attack of the Clones wasn't a flash in the pan - Hayden Christiansen really can't act - is this a George Lucas in joke about Mark Hamill's acting ability? Given that he had an entire Galaxy to pick from it's the only reasonable explanation.

Special Effects outweigh storyline.

Despite having The Force, Jedi Knights can be really dumb - but they wield a mean lightsabre.

Various scenes are included just for the sake of tying into Star Wars - most obviously the Wookies - enter Chewbacca.

The Jedis don't do too well, Anakin becomes Vader and Padme has twins - Mazal Tov. Worth noting that Luke Skywalker's Mum is not just Jewish, she's also Israeli - trying to take over the entire Universe now?

Not what we deserve but still a good sight better than any other 6 part saga - Police Academy anyone?

May The Force be with you.

Gilly Wan Kenobi


Mrs. Gilly said...

You're mad.

Gilly said...

I'd have to be wouldn't I? xx

Anonymous said...

now stop that you two, haven't you got a home to go too?!?!

Esther said...

I'm going at NY's Ziegfeld theater at 1:30 in the AM motzei Shabbat. I'm insane too, if it helps.

Also, Hayden can act--check out "Shattered Glass." Great flick all around (plus Peter Saarsgard and Hank Azaria). Perhaps he was just having trouble understanding the man behind the mask.

Jack's Shack said...

I still can't wait to see it.

Fabio Hofnik said...

I was on Rav Hen also!!!!
why dont we met??

see the photos on my blog