Thursday, July 07, 2005

Reverse blast

Confused reports of explosions in London with no real information as to what their cause is - although initially blamed on a "Power Surge", reports of at least one bus blowing up seem to be pointing the finger at a terrorist attack aimed simultaneously at multiple locations.

Having been the recipient of many panicked overseas phone calls from concerned family and friends in the UK over the years following terror attacks in Israel, I now find myself with the shoe on the other foot. Mobile phone networks are down - a familiar circumstance to anyone who lives in Israel and I haven't been able to contact my family, all of whom should be safely at work but you never know.

It's a curious feeling - a continent away, not being able to do anything. I have expected there to be some sort of attack on London at some point for quite some time now but was unprepared for my reaction. I think I'd expected to feel a little bit smug - living in a city which is regarded as being dangerous in a country that is regarded as being dangerous, to be able to turn around and say "you're not safe anywhere" - but I'm not feeling smug at all. I'm feeling sad for the dead and injured, sad that we can't guarantee our safety from terrorism anywhere and, until I hear from them - worried for my own friends and family.


Update: Family has all checked in - my brother spent the day in hospital but as he's a medical professional that's a good thing. Back to normal....


ifyouwillit said...

As a British Oleh who is currently visiting the UK I can definatley say today was a long day.

David All said...

Gil, glad to hear your family is okay.