Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hit me with those laser beams......

I know - you wait a week and two come along at once - this one was too good to ignore however.

The Jpost today picked up on comments made by the commander of the Palestinian Presidential Guard. In a theory lifted directly from the plot of "24" he suggest that Arafat was apparently poisoned by

"someone who used a very advanced kind of poison and shook hands with the President, with a poisoned hand, or by someone who kissed him with some substance (on his lips)."

Failing that however it must have been

"Laser beams (from)......the Beit El addition there were planes sometimes.... AWACS planes"

This is a theory backed up by a French Doctor no less:

"He said that assuming Abu Amar had been killed by poison, the only possibility was poisoning by laser beam, either by journalists, or a TV camera, or a certain device that transmits a laser beam"

Clearly not a Doctor of Medicine to know about all these top secret weapons so a Doctor of Science? Science Fiction more like......



ifyouwillit said...

Certianly more original than the aids theories that circulated when he first popped his clogs.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this? Something a bit better that the Jerusalem Post picked up on