Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Last week's wedding will be remembered for Machina playing in the background whilst the speeches were going on. The wedding was at the Mt. Zion Hotel and the gig was at Sultan's Pool - a stone's throw away. The simcha band had the balls to play "Rakevet Laila leKahir" about 7 minutes after Machina blasted the original.

Tonight's is at Ramat Rachel, just like last fortnight's, just like our own and many other friends - you tend to look at a place differently once you've had your own wedding there - comparing the way in which you did things and smugly patting yourself on the back that you did it better than.....

A fortnight ago we chatted with Charles (say the name in an exaggerated French accent for best effect) who planned our own wedding, last week we had our video people there to shmooze with -if our band aren't there tonight they'll be at the next one along. When it gets to the stage that you know all the bit part players in the background you know that you're getting weddinged out - but at least you're guaranteed to know someone....


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ifyouwillit said...

Two close friends of mine recently married each other in a UK Town Hall. As the Ketubah was read, a performer in the outdoor "German Market" started to sing Bob Dylan's Cocaine Blue's, very loudly.

# Cocaine all around my brain Hey baby, better come here quick. This old cocaine is making me sick #

Certainly not something we'll forget in a hurry!