Saturday, October 01, 2005

Time away

Just got back from a week's miluim hence the lack of posts - not that I've been very good at that lately! I spent a week at Tze'elim, the country's main training base with a bunch of the Sergeants and Officers from my battalion, running around in the desert and going over our training on APCs.

I have now been doing Miluim for close to 7 years. February '99, my first call up was with a bunch of guys who were also being called up for the first time. Since then, we've hoped not to have to see each other too often but have always been grateful for each other's company when the green and white envelopes have arrived. We've watched each other graduate University, get married and have children.

It's an odd sort of camaraderie - mixing with guys with whom I'd otherwise have very little in common, united by one purpose; to make sure that those at home can sleep safely at night. We do it with very little thanks, don't have too much fun whilst we're out there and since getting married I've become more aware of how difficult it is for the families left at home. Nonetheless, when we get the call, we'll be there - but thankful to be home at the end of it all!


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