Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Opening Hours

Here's one to test you no matter how long you've been here; what shuts in Jerusalem specifically on a Monday afternoon?

Misrad Hapnim is not the culprit (though it stands guilty of many other things) - it may have recently shut on Wednesday mornings "to improve service" but it's actually open on Monday afternoons.

Misrad Haklita is shut all day Tuesday and doesn't tend to have too much going on any afternoon.

Banks are not aware that it is possible to work in the afternoon hours (although they are open Monday evenings in many cases).

....and Misrad Hachinuch is simply never open.

The answer is hairdressers. I called the guy to whom I usually go at around 12:30 on Monday, in dire need of assistance, only to be told that they were just heading off for the day. I figured that I'd pop into one of the other 4 or 5 places that I pass on my way home, only to find them all closed as well.

Naturally Friday is their really busy day as everyone prepares for Shabbat so the Hairdressers' Union (if there is such a thing) seems to have decided that the day off to compensate is Monday.

So now you know!



Anonymous said...

Hi Gilly,

I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while, and I have a question. I don't know any other Englishmen to ask, so you're it. Hope you don't mind.

How hard is it to come here and start driving on the right side of the road? Isn't it terrifying? I can't imagine going to the UK and driving on the left side!

Thanks, Chana

Zeh Sefer Toldot Adam said...

Hi Gilly,

Hairdressers are closed on Mondays in many parts of the world.. including many Barbers in the UK! Why, coz everyone wants a good 'do for the weekend.. then they shluff off all the hard work on monday.

Chana, it's not bad.. but you should try taking an Israeli to drive on the left in the UK and seeing how terrifying that is!

Gilly said...


The answer is that basically like anything else - you get used to it pretty quickly. It still takes a little adjustment whenever I'm back in the UK but what is far more difficult is the aggressive nature of the average Israeli driver - but that is several posts worth if discussion....