Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Today in History

Today, 58 years ago, the UN voted to partition mandatory Palestine into 2 States; a Jewish State and an Arab State. The Jews accepted whilst the Arabs declined, starting the war which was to become known as the War of Independence by the Israelis and "el Nakba" - the tragedy, by the Arabs.

58 years and far too many dead later, we're still moving towards 2 States. The Arabs are still declining.

Interestingly, although most important dates to the State are commemorated by their Hebrew date, in this case the foreign date stuck - hence Rechov Kaf Tet beNovember in Katamon (home to the PM's no.2 Mr Olmert).

.....and precisely 2 years ago Mrs G and I started dating....

More info (about the vote, not the first date!)



gils said...

For all the first dates I have shared with you, I think I deserve to hear a bit more...

Jeru Guru said...

33 countries voted for Israel, 13 against and 10 abstained.

Without googling it - how many of the 33 can you get?

If you can't be bothered and just want to find out click here.