Thursday, May 28, 2009


Being here in the States has played havoc with my viewing schedule. In a country where football is played with one's hands wearing a suit of armour, I had a choice of paying for an expensive cable package or finding an expat pub to watch my games.

Given the time difference of 5 hours, Shabbat games were a no go and although I was occasionally able to tweak my schedule to be in DC for midweek games, in general these fell during the working day. This has left me with Sunday - the one day off when I can do things with my family. Whilst Mrs G has been absolutely amazing in letting me head off to the pub bright and early (first beer at 9 am for the earlier games), I do feel somewhat guilty and usually end up following games via an internet commentary (as I did today with Barcelona's thrashing / humilitiation of the Manchester Utd scum).

I am soooooooo looking forward to being back in a country where football is football and a fascination with all things Premier League means that I'll have easy access to my boys in red - not to mention the fact that Yossi Benayoun's amazing run of form means that there will be a bias towards showing my games. Shabbat games in the winter, Sunday matches and all of the Champions League and midweek schedule will be available to me and I'll have more than 101greatgoals to assist in keeping up with the league - in the season when the reds finally bring home the League trophy to its true home.


Benji Lovitt said...

Holy cow, look who's posting again...and prolifically!

I caught the last 10 minutes of the final. Slowly will take this American some time.

Mazal tov on your impending return!

Gilly said...

Got the creative juices going again in anticipation!

Look forward to seeing you when we're back - rumour has it you may be doing a show here again before then?


Benji Lovitt said...

I hope so! Waiting to hear from the embassy and others. See you soon!

Jack said...

football is football Real football is played in the US. That kicking and chasing the ball thing is just a poor imitation, but occasionally fun.

Gilly said...

Sorry Jack - I know that Americans get confused about this. The trick is the word "foot" - in football you use your "feet" to kick the ball.

You can call it American football if you like and Americans appear to be good at it as US teams are "world" champions year after year in a final that resembles a few seconds of action breaking up the commercials (which, along with the half time show, seem to be the really important part of the experience) but real football is played with the feet, a round ball and a conspicuous lack of helmets.